African Mahogany Live Edge Slab. #C81

African Mahogany Live Edge Slab. #C81

SKU: C81

This beautiful african mahogany slab is massive.  At over 124" long, and over 36" wide, this slab has endless possibilities.


These do not last long. Don't hesitate on this one. 


African Mahogany Lumber

African Mahogany Lumber, or Khaya as it is also known for its scientific name  Khaya ivorensis, is popular for use in flooring, furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, shop fixtures, boat building, plywood, interior trim and decorative veneers.  African Mahogany wood lumber is considered a valid alternative substitute to Genuine (Honduran) Mahogany lumber.

African mahogany lumber has become more popular now due higher price of genuine mahogany lumber. It has a very similar color and graining but it is not as stable. The trees can grow to be quite large so it is possible to find wide long clear boards. From a sustainability standpoint, African mahogany grows in good rich ground that is not nearly as delicate as the Amazon basin.


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